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At Weddings Over Waterfalls, we’re thrilled to introduce a new partner, Elope Outdoors. For the very first time in May, 2024 they brought 2 clients to the property for their elopement ceremony. Meghan Rolfe, the company’s owner, is an ostensibly talented photographer who combines her love for nature with her passion for capturing special moments. Her entire organization shares a passion for creating wedding experiences amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, its home base.

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Elope Outdoors: Brief Intro

This small outfit laser-focuses on nature-inspired elopements near Asheville and spotlights free and easy to reach locations for wedding ceremonies. In addition, and at very little additional cost, couples can explore private photo-opportunity locations without interruption from the public.   

The Ideal Client for Elope Outdoors

Ideal clients for Elope Outdoors are those who dream of eloping in the stunning landscapes of Western North Carolina. “Whether it’s mountains, rivers, or waterfalls, they value simplicity and want to be guided and supported by professionals,” Meghan explains. “Our clients know they want to elope in nature here in WNC, and we have a list of locations we suggest to help them choose.” The packages Elope Outdoors offer include planning support, officiating, photography and flowers, and they cater to groups of up to 10 guests. “We’ve found that any more than that changes the dynamic. Ten’s manageable—you can give them the right expectations, and it’s a sweet little group.”

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Elope Outdoors Beginnings: Owner Meghan Rolfe’s Start

Meghan’s first dance with photography launched her into her life’s work and passion. “After getting my BA at NC State, I moved to Colorado and just chose to take a class in photography,” she said.  “I got so much positive feedback from both the teachers and the students I was overwhelmed, and I hadn’t felt that before in my life. I just decided to follow this new passion of mine.”  After completing an Associates Degree in Photography, Meghan moved back to Asheville in 2010 and boldly reached out to a local photographer she was enamored with whose portfolio she found immense inspiration.  “I was so fortunate she hired me, and in no time she had me second-shooting weddings. When she became comfortable enough with my work, she booked me to shoot solo for those who came to her on a lower budget.  It was wonderful arrangement because I was getting paid to be an intern. I then started booking my own elopements after she left the area.”

Marrying Two Passions: Elopements and the Outdoors

Meghan is an outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, rafting, biking — and you name it if it’s outdoors. “I didn’t invent elopements, but I fell in love with the idea of couples exchanging vows on mountaintops and in beautiful natural settings,” she said.  “As an outdoorsy person, it was always nature for me. I just combined my lifestyle with my professional skills.”

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Elope Outdoors: A Decade of Growth

Elope Outdoors started offering elopement services in 2013 with small packages that included officiating, photography, and flowers. “At first, other than being the officiant, I was literally everything. I was the sherpa. I set up the cake. I carried the champagne. I picked up the flowers.”  By 2016, the business had fully transitioned into a specialized elopement agency, complete with a dedicated team. “I hired my first employee, Cassie, when i was getting pregnant. She’s become our full-time coordinator who talks to the couples and books everything. She is every couple’s best friend all the way through the process – she’s amazing.”

Now, with over 500 elopements under her belt to date and 175 just in the past year, Elope Outdoors has built a bona fide and earned reputation for being one of the most premier outdoor elopement agencies in the region. “We’ve crafted it all from experience and trial and error.”  


From Whence They Came: Where do Elope Outdoors Clients Come from?

Couples who choose Elope Outdoors come from all over, with a strong concentration originating from Georgia and Florida. “Of course we have couples from WNC, but most people aren’t local. They choose to elope in this area as a destination,” she explains.

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The 3 Most Sought After Spots to Elope Outdoors

The team’s two overwhelming favorite locations are Max Patch and Black Balsam, and then there are the locations where couples can wed by waterfalls. “Max Patch is my favorite,” says Meghan. “It’s a soft bald mountain and it’s very feminine.” She continues, “When you’re on a mountaintop so high and feeling on top of the world speaking your vows? It’s all going out out into the mountains – projecting it to all of nature. Up there its so majestic and a wonderful way to have a wedding.”  Black Balsam, another extremely popular choice, offers a more versatile setting and options for forest ceremonies and a mountaintop picnic. “A lot of times we do the ceremony near the parking lot in the forest, so it’s easy, and then the picnic up top. It’s safe and beautiful.”

Another great set of choices involve being near waterfalls. “When you’re at a waterfall and you’re surrounded by the rocks and water, you just feel so safe in nature,” Meghan mused. “In contrast to the mountain vistas and their beauty, water brings a much different but similarly captivating response.” She continued, “Often when vows are being spoken near waterfalls, no one else can hear them. There’s something really romantic about that in it’s privacy. The vows get kind of taken into the waterfall because they’re not being projected out. it’s a totally different vibe. It’s beautiful.” 

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Want to Avoid the Crowds? Why a Low Cost Private Venue May be a Good Choice

While public spaces offer beauty and no cost, they can sometimes lack the privacy some couples want. This is why Elope Outdoors’ partners with private venues such as Weddings Over Waterfalls. “Couples who want privacy will choose a private spot like yours,” she says. “It’s a perfect blend of natural beauty and exclusivity.” 

Elope Outdoors Spotlight: A Single Example of an Unforgettable Elopement

One of the most memorable elopements Meghan recalls took place at Black Balsam. “It was a killer sunset with a full moon rising on the other side. So we got deep blue skies on one side, and a fiery orange sky on the other. It was just the greatest nature evening mixed with the greatest couple. We tend to attract very chill people and they were definitely just that. And they had their best friends and brought a bunch of little special things they included in and around their ceremony. They were so present and allowed us to do our thing while they did theirs. I still remember them with such incredible fondness.”

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Dream Team: A Handpicked Team of Experts at Elope Outdoors

Deep in her heart, Meghan believes Elope Outdoors brings a cohesive team every time out.  “We’ve been at this for so many years together and we’re bonded. Everyone on our team has been handpicked along the way for not only their skills, but just as important their personalities, their energies, and their pleasantness and kindness. We take pride in ‘creating’ every elopement.  And we only do one a day to focus on making sure that day is special.”

While this may seam like a company line everyone might want to use, she drove home how it really makes sense when it comes to Elope Outdoors. She cited one example of handling unexpected weather changes, and then others where they’d made sure every detail was carefully looked after; their professionalism and genuine care for their clients seemed to shine through during our discussion. “It’s not just the sum of parts because we know how everyone else on the team thinks, prepares, and reacts. We’ve been working with one another for so long – so it’s our experience together and our collective passions for what we do. It’s our genuine care for our couples and their day.”

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Meat & Potatoes: Elope Outdoors Packages and Personal Touches

Elope Outdoors offers three distinct and comprehensive packages. Even the basic package includes planning support, officiating, and photography, bouquet & boutonniere and no hidden fees attached.  The next package up adds a cake, champagne, and setup for an obviously beautiful picnic considering the locations they choose. The third includes all of the above, plus videography and a physical photo album.  “Our videographer uses top-of-the-line equipment, including cameras and drones, and they ensure every angle and moment is beautifully captured and our clients get all of it.”

According to Megan, while no package is chosen more commonly than the others, the middle package tends to be a little more popular because their clients simply love the cake and Champaign.

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