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Wedding Food Truck in Asheville or Hot Springs!

Reasons to Hire a Food Truck Over a Caterer

When it comes to planning the perfect elopement, micro wedding, small wedding, or other special event, there are so many food catering services in Hot SpringsMarshall, or Asheville to choose from. While hiring a professional caterer is typically the first idea that comes to mind and an excellent choice for large-scale events, hiring a food truck for smaller events like a micro wedding just might be the better option. Here are some of the key reasons why you may want to consider going with this unique avenue over a small party catering company.


Food trucks in Asheville are wide-ranging in tastes and ethnicities

Asheville’s food trucks are celebrated for their eclectic menus and offer quite a rich mix of local and global flavors. Delectable dishes range from gourmet Korean-Mexican fusion to lobster rollsVenezuelan arepas, Peruvian ceviche, and artisanal burgers and the list continues to grow every year. There are so many crowd-pleasing local favorites offering such unique creations, these Asheville food trucks ensure a memorable experience worthy of an Asheville wedding!

Less formal

Food trucks create a laid-back and sociable atmosphere at your small event

Go ahead and let your guests to enjoy a fun, casual dining experience.  It’s your party and you’ll eat like you want to — food trucks at a small wedding or event brings a refreshing informality to the celebration.  The interactive nature of ordering from your food truck adds an element of fun and engagement, and it just might be much more ideal for your smaller gathering where intimacy and relaxed vibes take precedence over rigid formalities. This informal setting not only complements the intimate nature of a small wedding but also adds a touch of uniqueness, ensuring a memorable experience for all.


Food trucks prepare the food on the spot

Food trucks distinguish themselves by preparing meals then and there, and immediate cooking preserves optimal freshness, flavor, and temperature.  Your guests will receive a uniquely personalized and vibrant culinary encounter memorable, engaging, and piping hot fresh off the grill!


A food truck offers a cheap catering alternative for weddings & events 

Food trucks require less overhead cost than catering companies as most food trucks come with their own kitchens and equipment, so they have everything they need at their immediate disposal.  Plus, because they only serve one event at a time, you will get more personalized attention rather than being just another name on a long list of catering orders.

Fun Factor

Small party enjoyment and ease!

The laid-back and easygoing atmosphere that comes with having a food truck at an outdoor events venue is truly remarkable. Instead of being preoccupied with serving guests, food truck operators serve your guests from a centralized spot, making the overall experience interactive and more thoroughly enjoyable for everyone.

Surprising Quality

Food trucks are rewriting expectations, surprising people with the exceptional quality of their offerings compared to traditional caterers. It’s a delightful revelation challenging preconceived notions about where to find the most exceptional food.

If you’re looking to make your small wedding, micro wedding, or event the talk of town without breaking your budget, then consider hiring a food truck instead of enlisting the services of a traditional caterer. Your wedding day may be far more memorable than if you instead chose a caterer.  It also may help create a cheap wedding for under 30 people.

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